Graywater Reuse Project

Graywater Demonstration Filtering Unit Developed by CSBE

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This is a simple graywater demonstration filtering unit for low-water-use residences, which CSBE developed in March 2003 and is currently testing. The unit is manufactured from fiberglass and measures approximately 30 X 30 X 30 cm. It provides for direct transmission of the graywater from the residence's graywater pipes into a garden irrigation hose or network, via a perforated surface, which acts as a basic filter. It is cheap, locally manufactured, easy to maintain, and involves no electricity or pumping, provided the land to be irrigated lies below the graywater pipe outlet. There are many ways through which such a unit may be further adapted to suit particular contexts. In fact, this demonstration unit expresses an approach for the reuse of graywater rather than a fixed solution. It therefore does not necessarily have to be constructed out of fiberglass, but also can be constructed out of concrete or steel, depending on the availability and cost of materials. Additional information regarding the unit will be made available as further testing of it is carried out.