The Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Architectural Design

In an effort to strengthen connections between the academic and professional sectors, Omrania & Associates (O&A) and the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE) created an award for distinguished architectural graduation projects. Since it was launched in 2008, the Omrania | CSBE Student Award for Architectural Design has successfully completed nine cycles. The Award's 2008 first cycle was only open to universities in Jordan, but it was expanded in 2009 to include universities throughout the Arab world. The Award aims at recognizing quality in the teaching of architecture in the Arab world, and at encouraging students in its schools of architecture to excel in their design performance.

Submitted projects:
Since its first cycle, the Award has received a total of 773 submissions from universities from fifteen Arab countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, and the United Arab Emirates.

Jury members:
The submitted projects for each cycle of the Award were assessed by three jury members. The Award so far has included 24 jury members. Click here to view the list of the Award jury members.

Winning projects:
A total of 43 winning projects have been awarded since the Award was established. The winners are from fourteen universities from seven Arab countries. These are the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese American University, and the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts from Lebanon; the University of Jordan, the Jordan University of Science and Technology, Petra University, Al al-Bayt University, and the German Jordanian University from Jordan; the American University in Cairo from Egypt; the American University of Sharjah from the United Arab Emirates; King Saud University from Saudi Arabia; and al-Najah National University and Birzeit University from Palestine. Thirteen honorable mentions have also been given throughout the Award’s eight cycles.

Excluding the Award’s first cycle, which was limited to Jordanian universities, the highest number of winning projects were from the American University of Beirut with nine winners from the last seven cycles. This was followed by the American University of Sharjah and the Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) with six winners each; the University of Jordan with four winners; the American University in Cairo and the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts  with three winners each; Petra University with two winners, and the Lebanese American University, Al al-Bayt University, King Saud University, al-Najah National University, and Birzeit University with one winner each.

Ceremonies and exhibitions:
The Award ceremonies, during which the Award winners are honored, have taken place in Amman, Beirut, al-Manama, and Sharjah. An Award exhibition accompanied each ceremony, and additional exhibitions have been organized in Amman, Sharjah, and Beirut.

Public lectures:
Public lectures have also been organized as activities of the Award beginning with the Award’s fourth cycle in 2011. Five public lectures have been held and were delivered by one or more of the Award’s jury members. Click here to view a list of the Award's public lectures.

A number of documentary films have been produced as part of the Award's fourth, fifth, and sixth cycles. These are:

- The Omrania CSBE Student Award for Architectural Design Fourth Cycle Film
- Architectural Memories: the Student Years
- Arab Women in Architecture
- Bernard Khoury: Collaboration in Architecture in Lebanon 
- Bernard Khoury: Mother, Father, Children, Extended Family, and Architecture

Award cycles: