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English books:

Exploring the Built Environment: Essays on the Presentations of Diwan Al-Mimar and Affiliated Public Lectures

Edited by Mohammad al-Asad and Majd Musa
Published by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE) and Darat al Funun – The Khalid Shoman Foundation, 2007

This book includes essays that document presentations made by a number of internationally-renown specialists on a variety of topics relating to the built environment. The essays address subjects including the history and theory of architecture, planning and architectural education in the digital age, urbanism, as well as sustainable architecture and water-conserving landscapes.

The documentation of all the presentations is also available in the above E-publications section.


Greywater Use in the Middle East: Technical, Social, Economic and Policy Uses

Edited by Stephen McIlwaine and Mark Redwood
Published by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE), Practical Action Publishing Ltd, and the International Development Research Centre, 2007

This book brings together material presented at a conference convened by CSBE and the International Development Research Centre in Aqaba, Jordan in 2007. It examines technical approaches to treating and using greywater for irrigation, non-technical issues influencing the effectiveness of greywater use, and economic as well as policy issues relating to the sustainability of greywater use.

An online version of the book is available on the IDRC website.


Landscape Water Use Efficiency Guide

By Lara Zureikat and Dalia Husseini
Edited by Cory Eldridge
Published by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE), 2011

This guide was prepared as part of the Instituting Water Demand Management Project (USAID-IDARA). It provides information about the efficient use of water in the design, installation, management, and maintenance of Jordan’s urban landscapes. The focus of this guide is recreational parks, street medians, and traffic circles, and it applies to large urban landscapes found at hotels, universities, hospitals, and some residences.

An online version of the publication is available on the CSBE website.


Sahel Al Hiyari Projects

By Mohammad al-Asad and Sahel Al Hiyari, with an introduction by Alvaro Siza
Published by the Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE), 2005

This book includes a collection of the work of Jordanian architect Sahel Al Hiyari, which co-author Mohammad Al-Asad describes as modern, reductive, unconventional, diverse, and contextual. Each project is presented through design plans and photographs along with a descriptive text. 

An online version of the book is available on the Rolex Mentors and Protégés website.


Arabic Books:

دليل كفائة استخدام المياه في الحدائق
إعداد لارا زريقات وداليا الحسيني
تحرير كوري إلدردج
نشر مركز دراسات البيئة المبنية، 2011

نُشر هذا الدليل بصفته جزءاً من مشروع إدارة الطلب على المياه في الأردن. وهو يقدم أفضل الممارسات في مجال تصميم وتنفيذ وإدارة وصيانة حدائق المدن في الأردن. ويركز بشكل أساسي على الحدائق الترويحية والجزر الوسطية والدوائر المرورية. كما يمكن تطبيقه على الحدائق الكبيرة في الفنادق والجامعات والمستشفيات وبعض المساكن.

ويحتوي الموقع الإلكتروني لمركز دراسات البيئة المبنية على نسخة إلكترونية من هذا الدليل.

حدائق الندرة المائية: دليل المستخدم
تأليف ونشر مركز دراسات البيئة المبنية، 2004

يقدم هذا الكتيب معلومات وفيرة عن حدائق الندرة المائية. وهو يحتوي على سبعة فصول يركز كل فصل منها على مبدأ من مبادئ حدائق الندرة المائية. كما يحتوي كل فصل على مجموعة أفكار للمساعدة في تكوين وتطوير حديقة جميلة تقلل من إستهلاك المياه. ويتضمن الكتيب أيضاً لائحة من المراجع المطبوعة والموجودة على الإنترنت التي تقدم معلومات مفصلة عن موضوع حدائق الندرة المائية.



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