Development of Workable Solutions for Graywater Reuse in Jordan

Prepared by Stephen McIllwaine, 2005
Translated to Arabic by Majd Musa

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This report is part of the CSBE Graywater Reuse project, a project funded by the Enhanced Productivity Program at the Jordanian Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation and by the British Embassy in Amman.

Table of Contents for the Report:

1. Introduction

2. Existing Graywater Reuse Applications in Jordan

  1. Children's Playground in Shmeisani
  2. Rural Applications
  3. Ablution Water from King Abdullah Mosque
  4. Low Cost Bathroom Water Reuse in Amman
  5. Test Scheme at JUST
  6. Misguided Villa Sprinkler System in Amman
  7. Donor Funded - INWRDAM Project
  8. Donor Funded - WEPIA Project

 3. Graywater Applications Assisted by CSBE

  1. RSCN Nature Center
  2. BF House - Amman
  3. Ghuwaybah Mosque
  4. Khattar House at al-Adasiyyah
  5. Khaled House at al-Himmeh
  6. Al-Adasiyyah Girls School

4. Graywater Reuse and Propagation in Rural Villages   

  1. Research on Existing Practices
  2. Development of Demonstration Unit
  3. Adaptation of the CSBE Design by the Community
  4. More than Houses - Propagation of Graywater within the Communities
  5. Examples of Community - Designed Initiatives
  6. Installation of a Demonstrative Graywater Reuse Units in al-Adasiyyah and Ghor al-Safi
  7. Conclusions from the Work in These Rural Communities

5. Implications of Graywater Reuse on a Larger Scale 

  1. Effect on Wastewater Collection Network
  2. Effect on Treatment Plant Performance
  3. Effect of Reduction in Quantity of Wastewater
  4. Constraints to Widespread Reuse of Graywater
  5. Conclusion

6. Legislating for Graywater in Jordan

7. Conferences and Technical Presentations

8. List of Illustrations

9. Appendix 


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