The CSBE | Zaha Foundation Cycling Project
Report I: Results of the Survey on Cycling in Jordan


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This report is also available in Arabic
إن هذا التقرير متوفر أيضاً باللغة العربية

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إضغط هنا للإطلاع على التقرير الثاني من مشروع مركز دراسات البيئة المبنية ومؤسسة زها لإستخدام الدراجات الهوائية: مشاريع ركوب الدراجات الهوائية حول العالم

- Introduction
- Survey results
- Suggested cycling routes
- Survey participants’ notes and suggestions
- General notes
- Appendix 1: Survey questions and results presented in graphs
- Appendix 2: Survey questions
- Appendix 3: links to suggested cycling routes using the RouteBuilder online program

The survey on cycling in Jordan, which was organized in cooperation  with the Zaha Foundation  / Zaha Center for Children, was launched on June 13, 2014 and was distributed to the public through different social media channels and via email. The survey remained available to the public through August 4, 2014. It aims at identifying opinions, comments, and experiences regarding cycling from a wide segment of Jordanian society, which would be of great value to any attempts that aim at developing cycling path projects in Jordan.

Both Arabic and English versions of the survey were developed, and were filled by a total of 824 participants.

This report presents the survey results, including general information about the survey participants, as well as their opinions, comments, and suggestions regarding cycling in Jordan.


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